STB01W Magnetic Knockdown Pellet Catcher Shooting Target 4x Wizards Design

The TACBAND Flip-Over pellet catcher target with 4 + 1 targets is great training aid for practicing target shooting. It is ideal for small guns such as airsofts, pistols and BB-guns.

* After being shot, the wizard or ghost shape targets will flip over and disappeared from view.
* Shoot the center disc to release the 4 targets again.
* Thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction with an angled back plate to avoid ricochets and collect pellets and BBs, it provides safe and challenging fun for the whole family.
* This Flip-Over pellet catcher target can be either wall mounted, or used free-standing on flat surfaces.
* Dimension: 48.8 (L) x 19.7 (D) x 21.8 (H) cm
* Weight: 4650g

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