SCM12GA | Woolly Snap Caps - for 12 Ga. Shotgun

A great amount of shotgun makers recommend storing shotguns wth the cocking springs let off, which as a result can increase the durability of the shotgun and keep it in good condition. The TACBAND Woolly Snap Caps are made with built in cotton mop for 12 through .410 gauge. Use the snap cap just as you would a standard snap cap. At the same time you can oil the cotton mop and protect the chamber of the gun from rusted away.

* Made with superior brass for extended durability
* Spring-cushioned inert primer to absorb impact of firing pin
* The mops are made from quality cotton that can fit into the chamber area for chamber rust protection
* Oil/lubricant can be added to the cotton mop for better rust-free effect.
* This snap cap can also get the fouling out efficiently from the chamber when the shotgun is fired.

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