HST071 Aluminum Hunting Stick - Monopod

A reliable hunting stick is indispensable for hunting, especially in open land. When waiting for a long time or in cold weather, you definitely need a hunting stick for stable aiming and shooting. The TACBAND HST07 series hunting stick is one of the no-braining options available to ensure a hunting trip with a trophy on returning.

* Adopts quality 6060-T6 aluminum tube with 18mm diameter for stable and reliable support
* Grip foam on legs providing comfortable carrying and protection of hand in cold weather
* Rubber Yoke surface with the dented structure for effective cushion and protection of the forearm
* 360 Degree Rotation Yoke for easy tracking of targets
* Extendable legs for adjustable height from 93-190cm
* Height: 88-195cm
* Weight: 380g

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