Tacband FE1 series zoomable flashlight. You can select focus between spot and flood beams by simply rotating the torch head to adjust zoom. Spotlights are used for long-distance observation, and floodlights are used for wide-range lighting. This flashlight is divided into three gears: medium light, strong light, and flash. You can choose the brightness according to the situation. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use, it is the perfect flashlight for camping, climbing, hiking, hunting, and exploring.

Item No. Parameters High Lumens Run Time Beam Distance Beam Intensity Waterproof Dimension Net Weight Battery Type
FE0101Z LED 100lm 2-3H 65-35m 1056-306cd IPX4 16.6*106.5mm 31g 1*AAA
FE0102Z LED 150lm 2-3H 70-40m 1225-400cd IPX4 16.6*151mm 44g 2*AAA
FE0103Z LED 350lm 3-13H 110-25m 3025-156cd IPX4 28*103.4mm 85g 1xCR123
FE0104Z LED 400lm 5-10H 240-35m 14400-306cd IPX4 29*130.3mm 110g 3*AAA
FE0105Z LED 400lm 12-18H 240-35m 14400-306cd IPX4 36*139mm 130g 3*AAA
FE0106Z LED 500lm 2-7H 170m 7225cd IPX4 36.8*155mm 153g 1*ICR18650
FE0107Z LED 1100lm 3-10H  270-120m 18225-3600cd IPX4 48.4mm*172.7mm 259g 1*ICR26650
FE0108Z LED 1200lm 2-68H 340-53m 28900-702cd IPX4 37mm*144mm 161g 1*ICR18650