If you're looking to improve your shooting capabilities, then the Tacband Shot Timer is a perfect must-have for all types of shooters. Created and devised to appropriately fit the hand so that the microphone and alarm are unimpeded.

Its convenient buttons are dug in to avoid unintended activation. This timer has a good and loud buzzer, as well as a large custom display that concurrently shows split time, total time, par time, and shot number.
* Four Modes: Instant, Delay, Instant & PAR and Delay & PAR. Integrated PAR timer for dry fire practice in the comfort of your own home or outdoor.

* Each split time can also be reviewed on the widescreen by pressing the RVW button

* An improved loud buzzer to make it easier to hear even when using ear protection.

* Microphone and speaker specifically placed to avoid covering them. Ergonomically placed buttons make it easier to press GO!

* Includes a belt clip to make using and transporting the timer easy.

* The ultimate timer that is specially designed for running matches and increasing your shooting speed and absolutely
improving your shooting capabilities