The TACBAND aluminum snap caps are precision CNC machined for training and loading drilling.
They are economical and can be used repeatedly, ideal for practice dry firing training, loading, and unloading, malfunction drills, tactical and
emergency reloading, and gun manipulation drills.

Snap Caps vs. Dummy Rounds
Although the terms "snap caps" and "dummy rounds" are frequently interchanged, they are not the same. Dummy rounds are solely made of plastic, but snap caps might be made of plastic, brass, or other metals.
The snap cap is unique in that it is designed to resemble some of the components of a real cartridge. They have springy priming that takes the brunt of the impact. The shock of the firing pin is not well absorbed by dummy rounds. Dummy rounds are less durable and less expensive than real rounds. If you want to learn how to load, modulate the trigger, and treat the flinch, a snap cap is preferable to the dummy. Snap Caps are also a fantastic choice if you do a lot of dry fire because they last longer.
SCA9MM 9mm pistol 6 in a Clamshell
SCA223R .223 Remington 6 in a Clamshell
SCA300 0.300 6 in a Clamshell
SCA762 7.62mm 4 in a Clamshell
SCA3006 3006 4 in a Clamshell
SCA12G 12GA 2in a Clamshell