5 Reasons To Own A Tactical Pen

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Author : tacband
Update time : 2022-04-15 11:35:37
1. Non-Permissive Environments
The list of areas where you are not permitted to carry any type of weapon is extensive and frequently varies by state. We're not just talking about guns here; knives, pepper spray, and tasers are frequently forbidden in the same places as guns. Even if it's a tactical pen, it's still a pen. It is legal to carry it in courtrooms, through TSA (most of the time), in schools, and in other public places.
There are rare exceptions, such as a tactical pen that is equipped with a knife, which is nonetheless a knife. The average tactical pen, on the other hand, will not cause any problems.
This enables you to go wherever you want, whenever you want, armed with a little self-defense gear. It's not ideal, but it's preferable rather than going barehanded. A well-placed metal pen smash to the face will inflict enough pain to allow you to flee or retaliate with another attack.

Punching someone in the face causes a lot of pain in the little bones in your fingers. You can land a hit is far less by digging a semi-sharp piece of metal into someone, painful. Distance and time are created by pain, and you'll need both to getaway.


2. An Escape Tool 

A well-made tactical pen will allow you to crash the glass without injuring your hand. It will require a lot of effort, but it is not impossible. All you have to do now is remember to hit the glass as hard as you can.

A tactical pen provides you with a concealable escape option for indoors, in cars, or when you're out in public. You can shatter through the glass to go out a window or unlock a door.


3. An Improvised Windlass for a Tourniquet 

Improvised tourniquets suck when compared to a CAT or SOF-T. Whenever possible, use a real tourniquet with TCCC approval, They are more effective, easier to use, and well-proven. 
In the event, you don’t have a tourniquet or enough tourniquets, you may be able to improvise one. An improvised tourniquet is better than no tourniquet. The key to any successful tourniquet is the strength of the windlass. 
You can only tighten a tourniquet as tight as your windlass allows. Since tactical pens are made from metal, they are quite rigid and solid. They can reliably take a ton of pressure and are just the right size to fashion a windlass from. 
Planning to use an improvised TQ does mean learning how to make a makeshift tourniquet before a casualty even, so make sure you double-tap that. 

4. It’s (Basically) Invisible 

Let’s say the hair on my neck is standing up. I’m in a bad part of town, or on the street by myself at night, and I hear someone or something behind me. There is no immediate threat, but if a threat occurred, my back is turned to it, and I’m alone. 
It would be bad. 
If I draw my gun, I’m brandishing. If I draw a pen and position it in my hand, I just have a pen in my hand, and that’s it. If someone attacks me, I can respond quickly and decisively with blows from my pen. 
This creates the distance needed for me to escape or for me to draw a gun and react accordingly. Holding a pen in your hand is not threatening and not illegal. It can allow you to maintain some degree of surprise when attacked and will enable you to stop an attacker’s momentum quickly. 


5. To Take Notes!

Lastly, carrying a tactical pen allows you to take notes! Having a pen at all times is just handy. You can quickly jot down notes, take directions, draw a map, play Tic Tac Toe, draw those grade school S things, and more. 
When it comes to EDC gear, you want to get the most out of everything you have. Why would you want to transport items that just serve one function? With our tactical pens, you have more than simply black ink and a good writing grip. Glass-breaking pens, multi-tool pens, and sturdy constructions are all available. You can always keep the pen in your pocket. A writing instrument or a glass breaker can come in helpful at any time. With a heavy-duty military pen, it's best to be safe.